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Expert Decision Making - David Amerland

You’re an opportunist. As you’re passing by a house, you notice an unlocked window. A moment later you’ve slipped through it and are now in an environment you know nothing about. If you’ve never done this before this is what happens next:

  • Your heart rate becomes elevated as you realize that you’re now in a risky situation where you’ve broken the law and may get caught.
  • Your blood pressure goes up.
  • Your vision becomes restricted.
  • Your brain goes on overdrive as all the possibilities present themselves.

Inside your head risk is suddenly magnified. Every unfamiliar sound becomes a signal of potential threat. The elevated activity inside your brain battles with the elevated physiological responses of your body. Both suddenly need extra resources.
Motorneural efficiency and cognitive functions become impaired. Decision-making becomes compromised. Suffice to say this is a scenario where doing something stupid and getting caught is more likely than not. So are the chances of getting away with less than you should, if you happen not to get caught. The reason for this lies in the way the brain makes expert decisions.


10/09/2018 | archivio news